Omni­channel is the mantra for retailers that want to maximize their reach and bring many of the online best practices into the offline store. As smartphones are increasingly ubiquitous, so is becoming omni­channel marketing. Smartphones are the perfect bridge between the digital and physical worlds and can convey relevant digital content when it matters.


As smartphones provide a number of location capabilities, retailers and brands envision a world where they can target qualified leads, drive them into the store, tailor the sales assistance to their needs, and establish a 2­-way channel to keep communicating even after the purchase. All from a smartphone. Technology will soon allow this and more. For now, one big issue is how to detect customers in a specific location and offer them an individualized experience.


We worked out a variety of solutions that help retailers and brands deploy more effective customer engagement strategies by leveraging smartphones, proximity, and other smart objects that can be found or introduced in a store.
Retailers can use the ProxToMe IoT platform to install and manage beacons for proximity marketing campaigns. Clients could receive alerts and contextual content on their smartphone as they walk in the store and walk through the aisles. Retailers simply have to install the ProxToMe technology into their app. This is available as SDK fully agnostic to beacon brand and Bluetooth protocol (i.e. iBeacon, Eddystone, ALT, …).
ProxToMe also applies to sales assistant tools that leverage mobile devices and other smart objects available in the store. Retailers can use our technology to let their sales associates recognize clients as they walk in and deliver more personalized assistance based on their previous purchases and online shopping history. ProxToMe provides seamless interaction between sales associates. They can hand over a purchase session to another nearby associate or the cashier with just a swipe, even if they are not under the same network, or mirror their tablet view on a bigger screen nearby to allow a customer a more interactive and engaging experience.


  • Innovative – ProxToMe turns a store, or a single corner of it, into a smart location 
capable to engage customers just because they are there. This really brings the online 
commerce experience to any offline store.
  • Contextual – Companion apps that integrate ProxToMe’s capability can detect smart 
locations and objects, and receive relevant information. The technology helps them understand where customers are or what they’re near. The service sitting in the cloud decides what actions to take by combining the user’s location and personal information.
  • Engaging – The ProxToMe IoT platform offers the tools to create and manage marketing campaigns.
  • Measurable – The platform also provides the tools to measure key statistics based on the number of visits and actions taken.