Casinos are moving toward digitization and trying to take advantage of the mobile wave despite the number of regulations that constrain the operating space. Today, hotel and casino guests are given a club card that, similarly to a debit card, dispenses permission and credits to play and accumulate winnings. Tomorrow, accounts will be entirely managed from the cloud and the whole journey will go card-­ and cash-­less.


Giving gamers the option to access gaming stations directly from their smartphone is the next big thing to expand the indoor and outdoor gaming experience to mobile. Card-less access is held to the same restrictions as with ATM machines, plus the fact that access is done under the emotional influence of customers. Super seamless user experience and mission­-critical security grade are the top-­ranked requirements, along with cross-­platform compatibility.


ProxToMe provides the suitable technology for secure and seamless card-less access to gaming machines. Our core proximity technology combines Bluetooth and the cloud in a uniquely new way to offer accurate, secure, and cross­-platform proximity certification for card-less access to gaming machines and ticket stations. The provisioning model consists of SDKs and/or access to API and cloud/on-­premise hosting.


  • No false positives – ProxToMe provides highly accurate and tunable discovery 
capability, thus being the ideal technology to handle high­-density scenarios like many 
gaming machines in a row and users compulsively accessing them.
  • Cross­-platform – In simple words, ProxToMe delivers an NFC-­like experience over 
Bluetooth, the only micro­-proximity technology that has no block on Apple devices.
  • Secure – We do proximity, that’s it. We use Bluetooth only as the first step in discovery, 
but then we run the certification method in the cloud. We don’t pass data over Bluetooth and don’t pair devices. We don’t process transactional data or store sensitive information. We DO follow security standards for data encryption and generate one-­time passwords on each device every time a mobile user engages with a gaming machine.
  • Accessible – You’ve probably never thought of this, but Bluetooth is the most accessible micro-­proximity technology that gives you more control over a number of side cases where NFC and QR codes just don’t work ­- a key requirement in a context where frictionless UX can impact gamers’ impulsive behaviors.