The event industry has been reshaped to make each moment of a live event unique. People at events live on their smartphone and use it to capture moments and share them on the social networks, making their experience something that everybody can enjoy from anywhere.

Apple Pay and Android Pay haven’t really taken off yet, but the tech consumer industry believes that mobile digital wallets are the future. And so do we!


Event organizers know that the people at events are a very powerful seed for much broader exposure. As each performance is unique, so the ability for attendees to experience/share it. Technology allows organizers to locate people and communicate with them through smartphones, but current systems are not accurate and usually deliver very poor performance in crowded areas.


The ProxToMe IoT platform allows for organizers to leverage smart devices at a live event (like a hub, router, or beacon) with the crowd’s smartphones and establish a private network of digital content that flows above them while the event goes on. Event organizers can distribute exclusive digital material to the crowd along with user generated content, without incurring any UX friction and bandwidth overload. Each attendee can then spread that content to its social channels.


  • Innovative – ProxToMe turns a venue, or a single corner of it, into a smart location capable to engage attendees just because they are there.
  • Contextual – Companion apps that integrate ProxToMe’s capability can detect smart venues and objects, and receive relevant information. The technology helps understanding where attendees are or what they’re nearby to. The service sitting above in the cloud decides what actions take combining user’s location and personal information.
  • Engaging – The ProxToMe IoT platform offers the tools to create and manage marketing and content distribution campaigns.
  • Measurable – The platform also provides the tools to measure key statistics based on the number of visits and actions taken.