Connect any device to the cloud

A large installed base of (connected) source points is what makes an IoT solution mainstream. Unfortunately, many devices were born to be offline, which poses an obstacle to joining the Internet of Things.

We introduced the ProxToMe IoT Gateway, a tight System On Chip that runs our proprietary software to seamlessly bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds, and drastically expedite your time-­to-­market. Plug-­and-­play, endpoint­-agnostic, it continually gathers sensor data from endpoints and generates actions based on input received.

Low ­latency allows immediate responses

In a world that’s come to embrace the cloud, we realize that sometimes, information processing needs to be kept closer to the ground to make it faster and more secure.

Enter Fog Computing ­- a new layer of infrastructure that exists between devices and the cloud that delivers the horsepower to deal with IoT data locally and shrouds sensitive information just as fog should. It handles mission-­critical IoT scenarios and helps us shortcut the process of collection, normalization, and analysis of data, thus reducing overall development time and cost. Fog is cutting­-edge and we offer access now.

Bring your device into the cloud, unlock new capabilities

To us, making things smarter means making them do what they couldn’t do before. Our platform allows you to do just that, and more.
A Device Management module helps you oversee your fleet of connected devices, deploy firmware updates, collect data, and integrate your device with new cloud services. A Service Provider Management module gives you all you need to have your device connected to third­-party providers and run their service on top or through your device. You focus on growing your business while we take care of the underlying technology and make sure that it works best for you.

Instant, secure access for nearby users

Handshaking is what individuals universally do to start a conversation. Sometimes, replicating the same experience with smart things can seem trivial. But because proximity can be mandatory, it can open security holes along the way.

With ProxToMe, you get a unique Proximity Certification technology for the Internet of Things. We combined Bluetooth and the cloud into a proprietary protocol that provides seamless, secure, and cross-­platform access to nearby devices that would normally require physical interaction.
ProxToMe is a game changer for mission­critical micro­proximity scenarios, where existing technologies – NFC, QR codes, Wi-­Fi, Li-­Fi, Biometrics, and Audio – have flaws and Bluetooth has been mistakenly cut out as insecure and inaccurate. ProxToMe provides proof of micro-­proximity with no false positives in very high­density scenarios, without giving up on simple UX.